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Intervene: Software Package for Genomic Visualization 

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Intervene: Software Package for Genomic Visualization 

A brand new Bioinformatic software has been released that aims at helping researchers with visualizations of multiple gene or genomic regions. The software is called Intervene and it was just published in the journal BMC Bioinformatics. The creators, Dr. Aziz Khan and Dr. Anthony Mathelier from the University of Oslo, state the aim of creating this software was to address the gap that is present within current visualization and intersection software. 



While several tools exist to intersect and visualize sets of genes, similar tools dedicated to the visualization of genomic region sets are currently limited. To address this gap, we have developed the Intervene tool, which provides an easy and automated interface for the effective intersection and visualization of genomic region or list sets, thus facilitating their analysis and interpretation. Intervene contains three modules: venn to generate Venn diagrams of up to six sets, upset to generate UpSet plots of multiple sets, and pairwise to compute and visualize intersections of multiple sets as clustered heat maps. 

Full information on how to use and install the software can be found at Intervene's documentation website.

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