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OrthoReD: Bioinformatic Orthology Prediction Tool With Low Computational Demand

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Although finding orthologous genes is a major step in phylogenetics, the fact that many of these orthology tools and software utilize extensive amounts of computational resources makes it a challenging issue for researchers. Recently, scientists at the University of California, and UC Davis' Department of Plant Sciences revealed an orthology prediction tool, which can help alleviate this computational matter. The tool is called OrthoReD and was recently published in BMC Bioinformatics by Kai Battenberg, Ernest Lee Dr. Joanna Chiu, Dr. Alison Berry, and Dr. Daniel Potter. 

When OrthoReD was benchmarked against other currently published orthology prediction tools, OrthoReD was able to demonstrate similar biological results, while minimizing the number of computational powers that were needed. An image that describes the overview of how OrthoReD functions can be seen below: 

OrthoReD: Bioinformatic Orthology Prediction Tool With Low Computational Demand


More information on OrthoReD can be viewed in the BMC Bioinformatics journal article: https://bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12859-017-1726-5


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