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Intricacies in Arrangement of SNP Haplotypes Suggest “Great Admixture” That Created Modern Humans

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In the latest online publication of BMC Genomics, researchers at The University of Toledo demonstrate their Bioinformatic approach at deciphering human relatedness and ancestry. Led by Dr. Alexei Fedorov and his Doctoral student, Rajib Dutta, their research article, titled Intricacies in Arrangement of SNP Haplotypes Suggest “Great Admixture” That Created Modern Humans, demonstrated their approach. Using the haplotypes built from common SNPS, and computer simulation, they postulate that a "Great Admixture" event occurred that created modern-day humans. They believe that this mixture occurred somewhere between 100 and 300 thousands years ago between two ancestral populations. 

Be sure to read their full article: 



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