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New Year, New YDSOA

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've posted any new announcements with regard to the site!

2017 was an exciting year for YDSOA! We moved away from our old blog format and shifted into the current community setting. Additionally, we have seen heavy increases in traffic the site has received, and our search engine rankings. Although our community forums haven't been as active as we'd like, we were fortunate enough to gain over 100 new members since our launch, to bring the total amount of members of YDSOA up to 186! We also had a lot of great discussions going on as well!

We have many goals for the new year that we hope can take YDSOA to the next level and improve the user experience. They include the following:

  • We're going to be condensing the amount of forum categories we have, especially the ones that saw the least amount of activity. 
  • Currently, our most active social media account is Facebook, and we will continue to use it as our main social account. We will soon phase out our Twitter and Instagram accounts. My personal Twitter account will be used to post updates about our site, and about topics regarding Data Science and Informatics. 
  • We will be updating our blog structure and adding more content. This will also include editing older posts that may have outdated information. 
  • We will be discontinuing our Graduate School Database and putting more of an emphasis on general graduate school discussions. 
  • We will be releasing our new site feature called YDSOA Jobs sometime in mid March.
  • We are looking to implement a brand new site design and homepage. 

That's the gist of things that are in store. We thank everybody who joined YDSOA in 2017 and look forward to all the new members and great discussions in store! 


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I'm looking forward to all of these changes!  So sorry that I have been gone for so long (graduate school can be soooo stressful! :/) 

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