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Best GRE prep book for 2018

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Hi, I'm going to be taking the GRE this summer and then apply for programs for the 18-19 cycle. What would you all say is the best GRE prep book for 2018? I read online that there have been a good amount of changes to the test and want to make sure I get the best study material available. So if anyone could provide a GRE prep book, and a study plan, I would appreciate it.


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So this is going to be a little bit of a longer post (so bear with me here!)  But I can honestly say the BEST GRE study resource that I came across is Magoosh

When I first began studying for the GRE, I used a Princeton Review book and followed their study guide, took their practice exams, and got a pretty lousy GRE score.  I was sort of embarrassed by it, so the second time around I really did my research and saw some good things about Magoosh. A lot of people haven't heard of them in comparison to some of the "big" test companies, like Kaplan, Princeton Review, ect.. but they are light years ahead of any other resource.

I literally was able to improve my GRE score by a whole 15  points with them (and got my writing up to a 5.5.)  They have some really good study plans, and this huge test bank that allows you to try out questions of a huge variety.  I would really recommend you check them out if you are looking for a go-to GRE study resource. 

Oh. and they're CHEAPER!  The Princeton Review course I was going to sign up for was close to 1000 dollars. Whereas Magoosh GRE is sooo much cheaper than that. 

Here's a link to their website if you are interested:  http://magoosh.com

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