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Microsoft Azure Cloud and aspects of privacy and compliance requirements

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The Microsoft Azure Cloud and its services run in globally distributed data centers. Typically, customers have the choice of which data center they want their services and applications to run. Strict German or European data protection regulations and compliance guidelines may make it necessary to use data centers in Northern or Western Europe. On the one hand, they are geographically closer, allowing for shorter access and response times, and, on the other, compliant with European data policies.

Especially for German users there is another solution in the form of a trust construct. It should meet the strong German privacy need. Access to the data hosted in German data centers (Magdeburg and Frankfurt am Main) is controlled by a data trustee, T-Systems. Although the two German data centers are part of the global Microsoft cloud infrastructure, it is nevertheless ensured that customer data is not transferred to a data center outside Germany. Another option for data control is not to store the user data in the Azure Cloud. Applications and computing power are available from the cloud, but data remains in the private cloudsaved. Microsoft Azure offers a total of approximately 50 compliance offerings to cover the variety of compliance requirements that exist worldwide. Azure is recognized by the US government as a trusted cloud.

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