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  1. More Informatics blog posts

    Let us know if you need any help getting this up and running!
  2. Hi there, Sorry nobody has replied to this! I would reach out the program coordinator of the program and ask them about this. I am sure you are not the only person who has lots of research experience, but no publications. Don't let this be a deterrent for you applying just yet.
  3. Thought this was interesting and relevant to this section. A platform that is used by called Splunk many tech companies is now going to start incorporating artificial intelligence. The people behind Splunk state that by incorporating artificial intelligence, they are able to improve operations by: Check out the full article below! https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2017/09/26/new-tool-uses-machine-learning-and-artificial-intelligence-to-improve-it-operations/#6c7f1ba63789
  4. Do Ph.D Programs accept MCAT scores

    Went ahead and updated Eli's list with your suggestion Stephanie.
  5. Can't answer this question directly, but I will say, I personally did my undergraduate and masters degree at the same university, and am doing my Ph.D somewhere else. It's been great having the opportunity to explore another college and break out of my comfort zone.
  6. As a Bioinformaticians or Computational Biologist, what are some issues that you have faced early on in your career? This could range from issues with programming, issues with software, issues with algorithms, and even issues with biological questions/ideas.
  7. Which Software Do You Use for Data Mining?
  8. This goes to out to everyone, especially our new members! If you haven't realized already, one of the features of becoming a member of YDSOA is that you are able to create your own blog, and post articles related to Informatics, Data Science, or any other topic you'd like. To do this, head over to this link and select "Create New Blog." From there you can give a name to blog, add a description, and then eventually you can post your own topics. Let us know if you have any questions!
  9. Introduction to SQL

    Hi George, There's a free online SQL course provided by Stanford Lagunita - I highly recommend it (you also get a certificate afterwards that you can add to your resume.) You can access the course here. As for books, one that I used when first learning SQL and like a lot is called "SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself." The kindle version of the book costs around $14. Also.. implementing new abilities in projects is an excellent way to really get an in-depth understanding of the subject! Hope that helps! (P.S. Thanks for registering to YDSOA! Please feel free to use the YDSOA Forums if you have any questions, and join in on the discussion!)
  10. Data Science Poll 8/13/17 If you utilize cloud computing, which service provider do you currently use?
  11. How Important is GRE for Ph.D Programs?

    Stephanie has the right idea. GRE scores are an important part of somebody's application. However, other factors are crucial as well (like she mentioned.) Every program is also different, and most programs will state on their homepage the average GRE percentile for those admitted into the program. This can help you gauge your competitiveness for a program, and also offer you a target score if you have not taken your test yet.
  12. Convering hg19 to hg38

    It uses chromosomal regions in the BED file format. For this type of file, there are three required pieces of information needed: Chromosome Number Chromosome Start Chromosome End So for example, if you're dealing with a gene on chromosome 16 that spans the regions 53,701,692 to 54,158,512, it would look like the following in a BED format file: chr16 53701692 54158512 BED files are usually designated with the .bed file format, but in the case of liftover, you can simply open your text editor, make sure your genomic coordinates are in the format I described, and paste it in on the website.
  13. Here's another Data Science Poll! Let us know what programming language you currently utilize the most! If the language you use is not one of the options, please post it below!
  14. I wIsh you the best of luck on your application! Let us know if you need any advice anything in regards to your application!