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  1. Anybody want to share some resources for people who are looking to learn deep learning, and who have never touched the topic before? I have good foundations in math and statistics and a little bit of background in programming.
  2. What about somebody who is going from a molecular wet lab to trying to incorporate some informatics work? What do you reccomend for them?
  3. I haven't explored electronic health records, but I'm super fascinated by it. It is crazy to think we have gone from storing patient data the old-fashioned way, to now having everything stored online. I have heard from a PI that a lot of clinicians hate some of the most popular electronic health software and think it's not user-friendly at all. So I am interested in the changes of the technology. What kind of research is being done with ehr data?
  4. Neuro_1993

    Choosing a Rotation Lab

    This is so helpful. I think you are right about choosing rotation spots isn't as hard as actually having to decide on who your home lab will be. I will make sure that I look into all the factors about how I fit in the lab and mesh with the adviser before actually finalzing my decision. Thanks to you too Steph. This is such an important thing also to make sure I can have a good balance. I know it will be a lot of work but I also don't want an adviser who is going to work me to death.
  5. Getting excited about starting my Phd! :D 

  6. Neuro_1993

    Choosing a Rotation Lab

    I was just admitted into a biomedical-sciences training program, with a focus on informatics. I now have to find four faculty members to complete rotations with. I believe the first two will occur during the Fall semester, the next two during the Spring, and then I will have to choose my adviser. Anybody have advice? What should I look for in a potential adviser besides having research interests that align? Should I also be sending emails out now or waiting until the semester actually starts? Thanks for the advice.. just super nervous to start.