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  1. I saw a post about this over at /r/datascience, so I thought I would trickle over. I love Reddit, but it can get very overwhelming with the amount of people in the subreddit, and the amount of varying answers you receive.
  2. Yes, I realize that I probably could do a lot of data analysis using C, but I don't want to be the outlier amongst my peers. I would rather acquire language tools that others in my field are utilizing, so it does indeed seem like Python is the way to go in that regard. I agree to this as well. It seems as if many of the most popular resources for Data Science revolve around Python, so that does make the most sense in making sure I pick that language up.
  3. What would you guys say are the best programming languages for data science? I'm talking object-oriented programming language, and not R (although I realize R is important.) I'm torn between Java and Python currently. Already know SQL and C.