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  1. Stephanie_R

    Best GRE prep book for 2018

    So this is going to be a little bit of a longer post (so bear with me here!) But I can honestly say the BEST GRE study resource that I came across is Magoosh. When I first began studying for the GRE, I used a Princeton Review book and followed their study guide, took their practice exams, and got a pretty lousy GRE score. I was sort of embarrassed by it, so the second time around I really did my research and saw some good things about Magoosh. A lot of people haven't heard of them in comparison to some of the "big" test companies, like Kaplan, Princeton Review, ect.. but they are light years ahead of any other resource. I literally was able to improve my GRE score by a whole 15 points with them (and got my writing up to a 5.5.) They have some really good study plans, and this huge test bank that allows you to try out questions of a huge variety. I would really recommend you check them out if you are looking for a go-to GRE study resource. Oh. and they're CHEAPER! The Princeton Review course I was going to sign up for was close to 1000 dollars. Whereas Magoosh GRE is sooo much cheaper than that. Here's a link to their website if you are interested: http://magoosh.com
  2. Stephanie_R

    New Year, New YDSOA

    I'm looking forward to all of these changes! So sorry that I have been gone for so long (graduate school can be soooo stressful! :/)
  3. I couldn't agree more with this!
  4. Stephanie_R

    Data Science Poll 1/15/18

    I'm trying to become better at programming (Python.) I guess the best thing for me has been just working on a wide variety of projects!!
  5. Stephanie_R

    Do Ph.D Programs accept MCAT scores

    Georgetown accepts MCAT scores or people going into Masters. I know this thread is about Ph.Ds, but I thought that could be beneficial to know: https://microbiology.georgetown.edu/admissions
  6. My PI told me during my application process that is was better to have a diverse list of schools that you attended, rather than having all your degrees coming from the same school. It shows that you have the ability to adapt and succeed in different environments. He also mentioned that somebody getting all their degrees from one place isn't bad, but it could raise some flags.
  7. Stephanie_R

    More Informatics blog posts

    I would be happy to start a blog!
  8. Stephanie_R

    How Important is GRE for Ph.D Programs?

    GRE scores are only one part of the picture. They aren't the sole definers of your application nor should they be ignored!! It also does depend on how well the other parts of your app are. If you have a lowerish GPA, a nice GRE score can really balance out your application. Also, a very low GRE score with a high GPA could raise eye-brows also. But again, it's only a small part. Don't forget that your letters of recommendation are also extremely important as well, and your essays.
  9. Great question Neuro. I would first focus on what you are trying to achieve in your laboratory, and see how other labs in your line of work are incorporating informatics. I wouldn't try to push informatics if you're doing something completely molecular that has no basis for it. If that is the case (no room for informatics) I would look for some other research that you could be apart that involves informatics OR I would learn programming and software tools instead, that you could use later down the road.
  10. Stephanie_R

    Data Science Poll 6/21/17

    Even though I'm not into data science so much, I went ahead and voted for machine learning!!
  11. I noticed that a lot of the blog posts that are out there are either on bioinformatics or data science. Any chance we could get more branching out and covering of topics in the informatics field more? I wouldn't mind contributing and helping with this if needed.
  12. Because of how much data is produced in the EHR data... there are a lot of techniques being used to help process and make better inferences. Like deep learning, or other machine learning/artificial intelligence sort of techniques so that we can make better use of the data. Of course theres some controversy. I recently read an article that was lambasting physicians who are relying too much on computers to make inferences on their patients. But I think as long as there is balance, then there's nothing wrong with trying to use technology to better understand patient data.
  13. Stephanie_R

    How Do You Use Machine Learning?

    I have used machine learning in a lot of research projects, some of them have been using things like support vector machines to classify data better, to also a little bit of unsupervised learning. Right now I am trying to use machine learning more with my research in biomedical informatics and to analyze all the data coming out of the electronic health records. This article kind of explains what me and my lab are trying to accomplish: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25048351
  14. Stephanie_R

    Choosing a Rotation Lab

    I also think that the most important thing is to absolutely make sure you can see yourself working in the lab for however long your phd might be. Because my home lab right now has been amazing, they are supportive, and I feel like I can have a good school and life balance. So I think that is sooooo important.